Monday, January 17

Family Time

Chad and I both have a three-day weekend, so we made a trip to Fondy.  It turned into a busy weekend, full of visiting!  

ready for the game!
On Saturday, I met Keesha for coffee at the Blue Goose, along with mom, Shanna and Aunt Janet.  Then Kelly and the kids also came home in the afternoon.  For a quick lunch, I made falafel using a mix from Fantastic World Foods.  I was surprised by how tasty they were, being they were so easy to make.  Mom, Kelly and even Henry loved the "balls."  They definitely weren't Holy Land Diner-quality, but I'll keep them in mind for something quick and easy.  Finally, in the evening we saw most of the Will's at a Packer party hosted by the Walters.  The first half was really exciting and action-packed, but I think I spent more of the second half talking than watching the game!  It's so nice that we've been seeing them so often lately.  Dad would be happy!

We planned to leave in the early afternoon on Sunday, but instead had another full day.  We started out with church, then mom and I went to the Outlets, where I made a few (un)needed purchases!  When we got back to mom's house, Chuck, Janet and Aaron stopped for a visit.  I haven't seen Aaron since my wedding, so it was nice to catch up with the Halfmans!  By the time we finally packed the car and left, it was after 5:00!

I almost forgot... my mom gave me a pair of mittens this weekend.  They're a very special gift, because they were no doubt knit with love and they have lots of special memories attached to them.  She had been working on them over the last two months while she and dad were waiting for doctor's appointments, in between testing and scans at the hospital and lazy nights at home.  This weekend, she finally finished the last thumb! 

My goal today is to be super-productive and finally get our house back in order!  Maybe breakfast will even be from Veganomicon to start out the challenge for week 2... wish me luck :)

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