Sunday, January 20

Garbage Pizza... a la Trader Joe's

I made an impromptu trip to Trader Joe's yesterday and decided it was a good day for homemade pizza.  I usually make my own crusts, but in the interest of time decided to try Trader Joe's whole wheat yeast crust.  Other toppings that filled my cart... and later our pizza?  Pizza sauce, BBQ chicken-less chicken, marinated red and yellow bell peppers, Kalamata olives, organic grape tomatoes, spinach, navy beans and (because we really wanted to try it) Trader Joe's new vegan mozzarella shreds.  I stretched the crust, spread a thin layer of sauce and piled the toppings high!  15 minutes later, this came out of the oven...

1 comment:

  1. That sure is a loaded pizza! Trader Joe's sounds amazing, I wish we had a similar place in the UK.

    Seeing you put white beans on your pizza have you tried using them for a pizza sauce? I saw the idea on No meat athlete and tried it a while ago. Great alternative to red pizza sauce.