Wednesday, February 27

Day of Snow

Baby's 1st Snow Day!

Also known as... SNOW DAY!  My favorite part of snow days, aside from the obvious staying home, is breakfast.  In my opinion, there's no better way to celebrate than with a big, keeps-you-full-all-day, made-from-scratch breakfast.  Today was a big surprise snow day.  We were predicted to get 2-10" of snow from yesterday evening until early morning.  I thought, no way, especially if we were closer to the 2" side.  Well, surprise, surprise. I checked TMJ4 just before hopping in the shower and here we are... the hum of snowblowers, the smell of breakfast, a lazy day at home.
Tofu Scramble and Cinnamon Rolls

Another favorite breakfast addition of ours is tempeh bacon.  Chad just posted about it on his blog, I Run and I Eat.  Check it out!

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