Friday, March 1

Almond, seitan and sesame Tagine

I bough Vegan Eats World about a month ago and I've been a little intimidated by it.  So many recipes, so many ingredients, so much prep... but everything looks so good!  I thought if I try just one new recipe each week it won't be so daunting.  First on the list-- almond, seitan and sesame tagine (page 159).  It really wasn't as hard as I had myself convinced it would be (maybe it helps that I made it on a snow day, so I had plenty of time!) and it was well worth the time and effort.

Toast the almonds and sesame seeds.

Sautee onions.

Add seitan and garlic.
Spice it up!

Everybody in the pot.

Add toasted pitas and serve!

I don't think this was in the directions...

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