Monday, October 8

Cafe Manna

Me:  Chad, do you remember what you had the first time we went to Cafe Manna?
Chad:  Something that wasn't on the menu the next time we went.
Me:  Yeah, I remember that, but what was it?
Chad:  Some kind of yummy raw lasagna maybe I think. It was tasty.
Okay, so to be honest, I don't remember what either of us had.  Will was still tiny and slept the whole time, so it was early spring the first time we went to Cafe Manna.   One of the great things about this place is that the menu is different every time we go.  A few things are always on there, like their awesome Limonade, but the menu changes seasonally.   They also have amazing desserts-- like triple chocolate cake, chocolate fondu, cheesecake;  they offer fun cooking classes (which I haven't attendeded... yet); and they also have specials dates in the summer where you can dine with your dog on the patio!
Another reason I wanted to share these pictures today is Chad has a way of always ordering the best thing on the menu.  I'm often jealous of what he orders (although he's willing to share a taste with me), because he always ends up with something super fun and fancy!  Not to say my food isn't good, but based on the pictures, which would you rather have the server bring to you?!  I suppose I make up for it, because I'm the one who usually orders dessert... and what can be better than something dripping in gooey chocolate or piled high with peaks of frosting?
Happy Monday... and Happy MoFoing :)

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