Friday, October 12

Native Foods #2

Chad ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend, so we couldn't resist another visit to Native Foods.  
This time I had the Scorpion Burger (with their homemade tempeh and cheddar) with a side of sweet potato fries.  The tempeh was  melt-in-your-mouth, the cheese was gooey, and best of all, it was sloppy by the end!
And Chad had the Bistro Steak Sandwich.  As soon as we read "bleu cheese dressing," I knew he would order that.  I was delicious... peppery seitan, crusty bun, messy dressing!
I forgot to take a picture of dessert.  I couldn't decide between the Pumpkin Pie and the Pumpkin Cheesecake, but finally went with the cheesecake.  I don't know what the pie was like, but the cheesecake was a pretty solid choice.  The crust was crispy, granola-y, nutty goodness and it was served with a side of pecan caramel.
Well, I couldn't quite keep up with MoFo this week, but things are really coming together at home!  Our furniture is coming tomorrow, Will's room is just about done, we have pictures on the wall (although more along the floor, but it's progress), there are few boxes (on the main floor at least!) and my sister even took Will for a few hours one night so Chad and I could be extra productive!  Here's to being more productive with the blog next week.  Until then, happy MoFoing :)

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  1. I've recently had the Bistro Steak Sandwich and I loved it. Sounds like you had a good meal there.