Monday, October 15


My intent for VeganMoFo was to blog about what Will's been eating, but I haven't had time to go through and find good pictures or write fun stories.  Finally, here's a little story about Will and tahini.
As I've mentioned before, we just moved a couple weeks ago.  I knew it was going to be a busy weekend, so I took a personal day on Monday to get some more painting/cleaning/unpacking/settling.  I also decided to take Will to the sitter for the whole day.  Well, I slept in a little bit, got up with Will, fed him breakfast, and off we went to the sitter.  Chad and I worked on painting his room and were just heading to the basement to sort through boxes when the sitter called to say I needed to get Will.  Apparently, he had a few less than pleasant diapers and woke up from his nap in a mess.  Ugh.  Not what I had planned for my day, but whatever.  I cleaned the paint off myself, tossed the paint supplies in the basement and just as I was about to get in the car, she called again.  Now he had just thrown up!    On my way to get him, I called and was able to get in to see the doctor.
Long story short, he was smiley and chatty the whole time at the doctor and for the rest of the afternoon.  My day off wasn't a total bust, because I got to spend it with a happy baby.  The only thing I can figure out is that I gave him tahini (which he had never had before) and avocado for breakfast.  Maybe it was too rich?  Maybe it didn't sit well?  I'm not sure.  The doctor suggested we try it again soon, and since he was happy and had no rash, we would hopefully be okay. 
Avocado and Tahini... fine for finger painting and messy diapers?!
We tried tahini again this past weekend, and I'll give the update on that tomorrow.  Until then, Happy MoFoing :)

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