Monday, October 1

Ian's Pizza

 I should probably start out VeganMoFo with something a bit more exciting, but I am lucky to have found my computer amidst the boxes of our move.
So... here is is, short and sweet... or saucy and delicious!  Earlier this year, Ian's Pizza started a "Vegan Slice Night" every Tuesday.  Having attended UW Madison, I had my fair shair of late-night slices at Ian's on State Street.  I was psyched to hear that some of my favorite slices were now going vegan, so Chad and I headed over there the first chance we had.  I think this was sometime in March, because we had a wee-little baby with us (who slept the whole time).  On this particular visit (there have been many subsequent Tuesday stops), we tried Mac 'N Cheese, Pepperoni and Barbeque.  The Mac 'N Cheese was unreal and definitely my favorite.  It's a gooey cream cheese base, macaroni, seasonings and all topped with shredded Daiya and black pepper.  Soooo good.
There you have it... Post #1.  Here's hoping tomorrow's post is a little more inspiring!  Happy MoFoing :)


  1. I'm headed to Milwaukee in November and it looks like there is a couple of Ian's locations there. I'll have to check it out. I hope they offer the mac and cheese pizza because that looks really good!

  2. It IS really good! They only do vegan slices on Tuesday, but you can order a whole pie any day of the week. And you might want a whole pizza once you taste how delicious the mac and cheese is!