Thursday, October 4

Comet Cafe

 One of our favorite places to eat in Milwaukee is The Comet Cafe.  If I'm picking where we go, chances are I'm picking Comet!  Their brunch has tons of great options-- tofu scramble, giant pancakes, breakfast burrito, biscuits and gravy (mmm, biscuits and gravy!).  It's usually packed on weekend mornings, but the wait is never awful and the food is well-worth the wait.  As a bonus, they have a decent selection of vegan cupcakes and pies that varies from visit to visit.  One of my favorites is the Banana Split cupcake-- almost banana bread-like, with chunks of bright red maraschino cherries and topped high with fluffy frosting and another cherry.



  1. Milwaukee is one of my favorite places to visit! When my bf & I lived in Chicago, we used to take road trips up there almost every other month, mostly for the food! Thanks for bringing back such good memories! I love the pictures in this post, by the way :)

  2. That's funny, because we always plan our Chicago visits around where we're going to eat!